Evonik North America

Responsible Care® Policy Statement

Evonik North America considers the safety, health and security of the public, its employees, contractors and customers and the protection of the environment to be of primary importance in the conduct of its business. We will meet all applicable laws, regulations, permits and internal requirements throughout the North America region.

Continual improvement in our Environmental, Safety,Health and Security performance will be achieved with the commitment of every employee to:

  • Operate our business according to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care
  • Implement management systems which integrate environmental, safety, health and security (ESHS) considerations into our daily business practices.
  • Improve the safety of processes, reduce the quantity and/or hazard of wastes generated, and minimize or eliminate the release of contaminants into the environment.
  • Ensure all products and intermediates are properly registered and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • To work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe and secure use, transport and disposal of chemicals and provide hazard and risk information that can be accessed and applied in their operations and products.
  • Provide our employees, customers, regulatory agencies and the public with appropriate information necessary for their understanding of the ESHS aspects of our operations and products and the contribution our products make to our quality of life.
  • Communicate our environmental, safety, health and security performance to employees and the public on a regular basis.
  • Seek public input and respond to community concerns about our products and operations.
  • Participate with government agencies, the public, interested groups, and industry associations in the development of reasonable and scientifically sound laws, regulations and public policy.
  • Rehabilitate our properties and work with others to resolve problems, if any, associated with past handling and disposal practices.
  • Train and hold each employee accountable for compliance with this Policy including developing objectives, setting targets and measuring performance.
  • Ensure that adequate resources are provided to achieve the objectives of this Policy.

Bonnie Tully,

President North American Region

June 1, 2020