Press release
North America
April 10, 2018

Evonik Presents Naturally-Derived Solutions for Personal Care and Cleansing Applications at MidSCC Teamworks

  • Naturally-derived solutions for solubilizing various hydrophobic oils
  • TEGO® Solve products are excellent solubilizers across a range of cosmetic oils

At this year’s Midwest Society of Cosmetic Chemist’s Teamworks event, Evonik will offer a presentation highlighting its perspectives and solutions to the challenges of oil solubilization in water-based systems for cosmetic and cleansing applications. Teamworks, which takes place on April 11, is the largest cosmetics venue in the mid-west region of the United States.

In many contemporary personal care formulations, the use of hydrophobic oils has become more common as consumers demand enhanced aesthetic experiences from their everyday routines. Not only are fragrance oils and sensory-enhancing emollients more favored, but the momentum towards natural and sustainable product claims has fueled the introduction of a new set of natural oils to formulations. Further, considering the desire of consumer product brands to differentiate from each other with unique fragrances and oil combinations, the formulation landscape that today’s chemists must consider involves a broad diversity of hydrophobic oil chemical structures.

At the same time, for both consumer-preference reasons and cost-considerations, water-based formulations are an important formulation chassis for the industry. In cosmetics, the micellar water products category continues to see growth, confirming the relevance of this chassis to consumer preferences. Evonik has developed several concept formulations in sync with the micellar water trend in the industry.

With a growing diversity of oils on the one hand and the need to develop water-based systems on the other, formulators can face a daunting challenge. Several traditional solutions, such as ethoxylated solubilizers, can help, but contemporary market trends requiring more natural solutions can deny formulators such options. Other chemistries, such as polyglycerin esters can offer new, sustainable alternatives.

Evonik has developed a portfolio of polyglycerin ester solubilizers that can provide formulators with a more natural option while offering the high level of versatility necessary to match today’s wide range of oil chemistries. “Formulators are seeking a more natural and value-added solution for easily solubilizing oils in their formulations,” says Anna Howe, Applied Technology Manager at Evonik, who is providing the presentation during Teamworks.

In October 2017, Evonik launched its new solubilizer, TEGO® Solve 90, which focuses on the solubilization of perfume and essential oils. This product complements other solubilizers under the TEGO® Solve and TEGOSOFT® brands, which collectively can enable formulators to address a variety of oil modalities in their water-based systems.

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