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North America
April 22, 2013

Purdue University Features Evonik’s Wind Explorer At Earth Day Carnival

Innovative, Record-Setting Vehicle Crossed Australia For Less Than $15

Purdue University today is showcasing Evonik’s Wind Explorer - a lightweight, electric vehicle that crossed Australia on less than $15 of electricity – during its Earth Day Carnival at Centennial Mall between Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry and Stanley Coulter Hall.

“We are very happy to display the Wind Explorer at Purdue University,” said Michael J. Gulich, director of university sustainability at Purdue. “This vehicle encompasses many of the principles we teach at Purdue including innovative design, sustainable technology and cutting-edge engineering. The unique features of the Wind Explorer are excellent examples of how to implement creative solutions to solve environmental challenges affecting our society.”

John Rolando, president of Evonik Corporation, said he’s very proud to have the Wind Explorer showcased at Purdue University – a school distinguished by its elite academic program. “The Wind Explorer is a great example of how resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles can be today. The products used to create the Wind Explorer offer us a glimpse into the future of automotive engineering,” said Rolando.

Evonik’s Wind Explorer produced virtually zero emissions during its 3,000 mile journey across Australia, a distance roughly 200 miles further than from New York City to Los Angeles. The Wind Explorer was so resource-efficient that the wind turbine carried aboard could produce enough energy to travel 175-225 miles a day.

“It’s very exciting to have the Wind Explorer on display in our community,” said Clive Whiteside, manager of Evonik’s Lafayette site. “This is an excellent opportunity to show residents how the products Evonik create can impact the future of the automotive industry. This also gives our employees the chance to show their families the innovative technologies Evonik makes.”

The vehicle, piloted by German extreme athletes Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer, ran on a lithium-ion battery developed from Evonik’s LITARION® electrodes and SEPARION® ceramic separators. The SEPARION® technology is non-flammable fabric woven from ceramic fibers and is manufactured exclusively by Evonik. This allows the battery cells to store energy generated from a portable wind turbine. The Wind Explorer’s lithium-ion battery technology is being used in Daimler’s new E-smart generation electric vehicles. Evonik’s silica-silane technology for rubber formulation reduced the rolling resistance of the vehicle’s tires, lowering fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Wind Explorer pilots set three world records during their coast-to-coast trip across Australia, including the first time a continent had been crossed by a vehicle powered by wind and lithium-ion batteries, the longest overall distance covered by an exclusively wind-powered automobile, and the longest distance covered in 36 hours by an electric and wind-powered vehicle.

Purdue University’s Earth Day Carnival, held between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., will feature booths from student organizations, university departments and other on-campus groups to spread information about sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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