Precipitated synthetic silicates to enhance paper properties, improve quality and huge cost savings by reducing titanium dioxide (TiO2)!

Paper production today must be efficient and cost-effective. It’s important to find quality additives and ingredients that can boost the quality of your product and save costs. HYDREX® P synthetic silicates offer superior optical, printing and physical properties when added to the machine wet-end or to the coating layer. The multifunctional additive offers numerous benefits to paper and carton board products, including improved brightness, opacity, printability, bulk and enhanced friction control.

When TiO2 is properly spaced, opacity is increased, and the appearance of the paper products is enhanced. Fixing of TiO2 particles to the porous surface of HYDREX® P Silicate improves filler retention, and helps reach new environmental and safety regulations in Europe and beyond.

HYDREX® P Silicate has excellent efficiency as TiO2 extender for cost savings but also improves brightness, opacity, printability, bulk and offers enhanced friction control. HYDREX® P is available in powder and as slurry.

Find out how to improve brightness, opacity, printability, bulk, and get enhanced friction control and how much TiO2 can be replaced by using HYDREX® P Silicates for your cost savings by contacting us via the contact form below.