Save time and costs with astonishingly fast curing rates
Save time and costs with astonishingly fast curing rates

Learn the latest about our new generation of polyamide curing agents

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Our revolutionary high-performance polyamide curing agent technology is designed to allow applicators and end-users to improve productivity by providing ultra-fast drying times. This can save time and money by allowing a quick return to service in under an hour in factory and field applied coating projects.

The easy-to-use ANCAMIDE® 2832 and ANCAMIDE® 2864 curing agents not only provide faster turnaround, but they also provide exceptional asset protection, aesthetics, high corrosion and chemical resistance, and excellent blush resistance for a high-quality finish even under the most demanding conditions.

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A modified polyamide curing agent developed to provide rapid through-cure and long overcoatability with epoxy resins. It can be used in refinish, non-automotive Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and wet-on-wet type applications in the protective coating market.

  • Excellent inter-coat adhesion
  • Topcoat ‘dive back’ resistance
  • Good blush resistance


The next generation modified polyamide epoxy curing agent for high-performance, corrosion resistant coatings. The curing agent exhibits low viscosity and fast through-cure with good blush resistance at both ambient and low temperature (5º C) conditions.

  • Fast through-cure
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent blush resistance
  • Fast mechanical property development

Propel your productivity with astonishing cure rates

Get back in service in under an hour with revolutionary ANCAMIDE® curing agent technology.

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