Wednesday, July 24, 2019 | 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


Join us for an informative Workshop that will include presentations from Rubber Expert, Rich Strong and Erick Sharp, President & CEO of ACE Products & Consulting. It will also include an overview of Evonik’s High Performance Polymers, Silica & Silanes, Coating & Adhesive Resins and Crosslinker products for the rubber industry.

Wednesday, July 24, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm at Hilton Akron/Fairlawn, 3180 W Market Street in Akron, Ohio

Presentation topics include:

  • Raw Material Evaluation: Testing Types, Design of Experiments & Case Studies
  • Sponge Rubber 101
  • Introduction to Continuous Vulcanization
  • Rubber Reinforcement of Mechanical Rubber Goods with Silica & Silanes
  • Polyoctenamer - A Unique Additive for the Rubber Industry
  • Strategy for Developing Products with Coagents
  • New Functionalized POLYVEST® Liquid Polybutadienes for Silica & Non-Silica containing Tire & MRG Applications

Reinforcing Fillers

From shoe soles through technical rubber products to low rolling resistance tires with excellent wet grip properties and good abrasion resistance, the ULTRASIL® product range offers a wide spectrum of performance characteristics to meet the specific requirements of our customers. ULTRASIL® - the leading global brand for precipitated silica.

Fumed Silica for High-End Applications

AEROSIL® is used as reinforcing filler in silicone rubber and in highly demanding technical rubber goods. It boosts high temperature utilization and operation in challenging environments, e.g. solvents or water. It improves tear strength and abrasion resistance and enables ultra clean and transparent products because of its high purity.

Enabler for High Performance Applications

Rubber Silanes from Evonik are used in a wide range of products in the rubber industry from mechanical rubber goods through shoe soles to tires with excellent rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption. In combination with silica our products such as Si 69® and Si 363® enable cutting-edge technologies to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The Worlds Most Versatile Rubber Additive

VESTENAMER® solves challenges regarding compatibility, mixing, shaping and product performance. The value of this unique rubber additive is proven for multiple rubber types in tire, technical rubber goods and rubber recycling.

Liquid Rubber for Enhanced Tire Performance

POLYVEST® ST for tires - Discover Evonik's liquid polymeric silane coupling agent for silica-reinforced tire tread compounds. 
POLYVEST® ST is a new generation of silane-modified liquid rubber additives. It combines the advantages of liquid rubbers and functional silanes.

Evonik is teaming up with HB Chemical to bring you the Rubber Workshop.

Evonik is teaming up with ACE Products & Consulting to bring you Rubber Workshop.