MAY 6-9, 2019 | Booth #4921, NRG Center Arena

Join Evonik at the Offshore Technology Conference

Evonik is proud to join other industry professionals and experts at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. We offer pinnacle solutions for drilling, completion, production, flow assurance, transport, and processing. 

Evonik will feature our upstream, midstream, and downstream technologies and products at the show:

Components made from VESTAMID® are stable under pressure and remain flexible in the harshest of temperatures. Utilized in both onshore and offshore applications, VESTAMID® NRG has been developed for manufacturing high-caliber pipes. Besides extending the lifetime limits of flexible pipes, VESTAMID® NRG has superior ductility, excellent fracture mechanical performance and good methanol resistance.

The industry’s demand for higher performing polyether ether ketone materials is ever-increasing. Our VESTAKEEP® PEEK solution offers the superior ductility, crack resistance, toughness and low-temperature impact needed in the oil and gas industry. It offers exceptional performance under severe conditions.

This membrane technology is used for efficient natural gas processing. SEPURAN® NG is a robust, hollow-fiber membrane that enables selective separation of sour gases from natural gas. It has a higher tolerance of hydrocarbons contained in natural gas.

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Meet our Experts at the Offshore Technology Conference in Booth #4921 in the NRG Center Arena.

Evonik will be exhibiting at other industry trade shows in 2019

We hope to see you there!