Press release
North America
March 10, 2011

Evonik’s VESTAMID LX9030 PA12 Safely Extends Use of Plastics at Higher Operating Pressures up to 335 psig

Recent removals and inspections validate PA12’s unmatched performance for plastic pipe gas distribution systems

Over the past several years, Evonik has been leading industry wide efforts to validate the performance of a new high performance engineered polyamide 12 pipe – VESTAMID LX9030 (VESTAMID PA12) – for high pressure gas distribution systems. Based on the positive results of both laboratory testing and field simulated installations, two successful installations of the VESTAMID LX9030 PA12 piping systems were completed at Energy West (Montana) and ATMOS Energy (Mississippi). These two public right of way installations have continued to perform safely for almost two years, with no issues reported at the higher operating pressures (170 psig to 200 psig).

To verify the overall physical and mechanical properties of the VESTAMID PA12 piping systems and provide an additional degree of confidence, sections of pipe were removed and subjected to independent testing. The results of these tests confirm that the VESTAMID PA12 piping material retains its original properties and is within the dimensional tolerances specified under ASTM specifications. In all of the test sections, the PA12 pipes did not experience any expansion due to creep effects at the higher operating stresses or pressures.

DTE Energy – a Michigan based energy company – also installed a long run of
4-unch SDR11 pipe operating at 335 psig to verify the upper bound operating limits of the VESTAMID PA12 piping systems. After two years of safe and trouble free service, sections of pipe were removed and subjected to testing. The VESTAMID PA12 pipe sections removed from DTE also retained their original properties and did not experience any circumferential expansion.

Unlike other polyamide materials, the cumulative results of these installations have shown that the VESTAMID PA12 does not expand under higher operating pressures due to creep effects or degrade under various environmental and operating conditions. The safe long term performance and retention of its mechanical strength and physical properties makes the VESTAMID PA12 an ideal choice for gas utility companies to take advantage of the overall installation savings and operational efficiencies associated with plastic piping systems.

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