Press release
North America
November 18, 2011

Evonik Offers Equipment To Apply DEGAROUTE® Road Markings In More Regions

Trailer-Mounted Spray System Applies Company’s Safer, More Durable Product

Evonik has purchased two KOLDSPRAY MMA 98:2 units from Dispensing Technology Corporation (DTC) to provide equipment to apply DEGAROUTE® road markings in the Eastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S.

“KOLDSPRAY equipment has been used to successfully apply DEGAROUTE® road markings in a variety of locations on the West Coast, including San Francisco County and the Los Angeles International Airport,” said John Haupenthal, Evonik Sales Manager. “Thanks to the high demand for DEGAROUTE® road markings in other regions and its complementary use with KOLDSPRAY, we decided to expand the availability of the spray equipment to contractors, Departments of Transportation and local agencies on the East Coast and in the Midwest.”

KOLDSPRAY is an airless spray system specifically designed for the application of methacrylate-based road markings with a 98:2 mix ratio. The features offered by KOLDSPRAY include an easily changeable disposable static mixing system, skid mounted structures that enable compatibility with standard pick-up trucks, a 35-foot spray hose which allows for both stencil and short line applications, off-the-shelf and easy-to-maintain parts, pressure compensated hydraulic pumps, and positive displacement fluid proportioning pumps. These characteristics provide ease of use and consistent application from project to project. This equipment will be used to conduct demonstrations and projects for states and municipalities interested in improving road safety.

DEGAROUTE®, Evonik’s high-quality, solvent-free methacrylate resin, is a road marking binder that enhances performance and safety. The product’s reduced life cycle cost makes it a more cost-efficient alternative to other road markings. With DEGAROUTE® reactive resin as a base component, lane markings last up to six years compared to other markings that need to be repaired once or twice a year. Added benefits provided by DEGAROUTE® road marking systems include optimal adhesion on concrete and asphalt, skid resistance, greater durability, and wet-night visibility, which can reduce the risk of car crashes in adverse weather conditions.

DTC, the maker of KOLDSPRAY, is an international manufacturer and distributor of equipment and materials for the pavement marking, pavement maintenance and graffiti mitigation industries. Additional KOLDSPRAY units can be purchased through Evonik’s equipment program or directly from DTC.

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