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North America
September 7, 2012

City Of Pasadena To Double DEGAROUTE® Bike Lane Symbols For Increased Safety

Pasadena, California’s Department of Transportation has ordered 80 additional DEGAROUTE® spray applications for sharrows - symbols identifying a shared lane for motorists and bicyclists - following a successful application of 75 DEGAROUTE® sharrows in January 2012.

DEGAROUTE®, Europe’s leading road marking system, creates a safer environment on roads by enhancing sharrow visibility to increase motorist and cyclist awareness. DEGAROUTE® road markings also provide a cost-effective option for government agencies: the easy-to-use product reduces application time and outlasts waterborne paint and preformed thermoplastic due to its strong durability.

“We considered alternative materials to use for the sharrows including waterborne paint and preformed thermoplastic,” said Rich Dilluvio, senior transportation planner at Pasadena’s DOT. “We compared DEGAROUTE® road markings to these alternatives and made our decision based on the material with the greatest lasting visibility at the end of the testing cycle. We found the superior durability of DEGAROUTE® not only outlasted the alternatives but could also be applied eight times faster than bicycle lane symbols made from preformed thermoplastic.”

DEGAROUTE® sharrows also exceed the minimum safety requirements of road marking retroreflectivity levels -measures of light reflected off road markings from a vehicle’s headlights - with an average of 279 mcd*. In the United States, the minimum retroreflectivity levels are typically 150 mcd for white markings and 100 mcd for yellow markings.

Pasadena aims to increase motorist and bicyclist awareness with the additional 80 DEGAROUTE® sharrows. The bicycle lane symbols will be applied using Dispensing Technology Corporation’s KOLDSPRAY MMA 98:2 application unit.

“Bicycling has been a rapidly growing trend over the past several years, with some cities reporting a doubling and tripling in cycling activity,” said John Haupenthal, Evonik’s southwest sales manager for DEGAROUTE®. “There are a greater number of cars and bikes sharing the nation’s roads today. It is important to improve current travel conditions to provide a safer environment for all road users.”

DEGAROUTE® road markings not only increase the safety and awareness on roads, but also provide a cost-effective alternative to other sharrows. Additionally, the material’s ultraviolet (UV) and chemical resistance offers excellent color stability and service life.

*Millicandela (MCD): Measurement units of brightness or light intensity

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