Working to make your daily life better

We are leading beyond chemistry to improve life, today and tomorrow.

Who are we? We may not manufacture tires, cosmetics, or medication, but we are Evonik: we’re a part of all of those products, and many more. Evonik’s leading minds help make tires fuel-efficient, cosmetics more sustainable, and medications more effective through our innovative specialty chemicals.

We are one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, and more than 32,000 employees across the world work together for this vision. By going beyond chemistry, we can help improve life through innovative, profitable, and more sustainable solutions for our customers. Come see what we can do.


Innovative solutions for powerful, lightweight, and fuel-saving automotive design.

Personal Care

Renewable resources and sustainable methods meet to create more consistent, effective, and appealing personal care products.

Wind Energy

Creating powerful, lightweight, and durable components for longer-lifetime in renewable energy.

Nutrition & Care

Improving human well-being and quality of life through functional and sustainable biotechnology.

Pharmaceuticals & Health

Making healthcare more patient-friendly through diverse and innovative pharmaceutical products.


Solutions for protecting ancient national treasures, or building the cities of the future.